This department, created in 2001, now  owns 24 teachers, of which one is doctoral supervisor, one is professor, 9 are  associate professors, 7 have doctorates, 14 have master degrees, and among which  several teachers have been the visiting scholars in Canada , Japan , etc. The teaching staff, with  good teaching conduct and strong cohesion, has reasonable forming structure of  age and higher educational level.
  This department explores the law of teaching actively, boosts the  educational level continuously, and has obtained 3 second prizes in the teaching  competition of Jiangsu University. The graduates guided by them  have owned 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 1 third prize in the assessment of  excellent graduation projects (theses) in universities and colleges of  Jiangsu  Province. There are over 10  national provincial municipal research projects assumed by this department currently,  over 10 subjects entrusted by enterprises, and more than 100 training outside  the school annually.
This department has two undergraduate courses which are marketing and  Electronic business. They have been recruited undergraduate students since 1994  and 2003 and now there are more than 400 undergraduate students are studying  there. The Marketing major is a special major of Jiang Su  University.
This major belongs to the brand characteristic major of Jiangsu University.
Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the high-level interdisciplinary talents with  solid theory grounding of economics, management, law and modern marketing,  mastering the skills of market research, marketing planning and computer  software application, who can adopt the modern marketing theory and method to  solve the practical problems in enterprise marketing, can find employment of  enterprise market research, marketing planning and marketing  management.
Training Features: This major belongs to the characteristic major of Jiangsu University. On the basis of modern  management theory, taking enterprises' marketing activities as objects, with the  integrated application of economics, marketing and the scientific theory of  computer, this major focuses on fostering the ability of discovering, analyzing,  solving problems in the marketing field. This major, characterized by market  research, strengthens the systematic study of marketing management knowledge and  the application of marketing research skills, computer information technology,  etc., and enables the students to find employment of market analysis, marketing  planning, customer management, etc.  
Main courses:  management, economics,  statistics, Financial management, Marketing introduction, The enterprise  marketing strategy, Consumer behavior, Market research, Market forecast, Sales  management, Product management, Marketing channel strategy, Advertising  management, Customer relationship management, etc.
The employment situation and  trends: Nearly three years, graduates of this major are always be in the top  of the national talent demand list .The employment situation is good, and the  one-time employment rate is 90%. Graduates can go to different kinds of  enterprise to work for the market analysis, marketing planning, customer  management and other function works. They also can be engaged in international  trade and other related business or doing teaching and research work. in  universities or research institutions.  
                                                                                 Electronic  Commerce
Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the high-level interdisciplinary talents with  the knowledge, quality and competence in terms of business theories and  applications, etc and the solid theory grounding of economics, management and  modern marketing theory, who can solve the practical problems in the E-commerce  and its management by adopting information technology, net economic theory and  modern management method, and find employment of modern business management and  application, the development, implementation and maintenance of business system,  appraisal consultation and supervision, etc.
Training Features: This major, characterized by the teaching and training in terms of  marketing management, computer network application, economics and management,  the development and application of E-business platform, etc, enables the  students to find employment of the management and operation of E-commerce  system, net marketing, the analysis, design, development, operation, maintenance  of E-commerce system as well as related economic and management aspects,  etc.
Main courses: Management principles, macro economics, micro economics, Database  principle and application, JAVA technology and application, The network  marketing plan and practice, The electronic commerce system analysis and design,  Customer relationship management, The electronic commerce and the modern  logistics,ERP,E-commerce security and pay, The computer network and  communication, E-commerce sites design, etc.
The employment situation and  trends: The employment of this major is very good; the one-time employment  rate is 98%. Graduates can do the related work of the electronic commerce in all  levels of government economic management department or the comprehensive  economic management department or the information center, the management or  marketing or information departments of the enterprise, and education or  research institutions.