General Introduction

The School of Management  in Jiangsu University stems from the cadres training  class which was established in November, 1982. Based on this training class, the  Department of Management Engineering and Computer Science was set up in 1984.  Then the Department of Management Engineering was set up in 1985, and the Branch  of Industry Management Engineering was founded in May, 1988. In February, 1993  it was renamed as School of Business  Administration, from which the economics major was  isolated to be the School Financial and Economic in April, 2006.


  Now the school owns one postdoctoral  scientific research workstation—Management Science and Engineering, one  first-class discipline doctoral degree authorized units—Management Science and  Engineering, one second-class discipline doctoral degree authorized  units—Innovation Management and SME Development, four master degree authorized  units—Management Science and Engineering, Enterprise Management, Technical  Economy and Management, Social Medicine and Health Service Management, as well  as the authorized units for Master of Business Administration and three  engineering master authorized fields—Industrial Engineering, Logistics  Engineering, Project Management; it owns eight undergraduate major including  Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Marketing, E-Commerce,  Information Management and Information System, Industrial Engineering, Public  Utilities Management ( Medical Insurance and Health Service Management),  Logistics Engineering, etc, in which the subject of "Management Science and  Engineering" was graded as first class discipline key subjects of Jiangsu  Province, and the subject of "Business Administration", "Public Utilities  Management" were elected brand and characteristic specialty programs of Jiangsu  Province.
The school has  five departments including Business Administration, Marketing, Industrial  Engineering, Public Utilities Management, Information Management and Information  System, and 6 research institution including SME Development Research Center, Economy and Management System Experimental Research Center, Management and Ethics Research  Institute, Management Engineering Institute, Strategic Management Research  Institute, Medical Insurance and Hospital Management Research Institute.  Jiangsu University MBA Education  Center and the only national  SME Academy—Jiangsu University SME Academy are also established relying on  this school. The school was honored with "Chinese SME Project Research Training  Camps" by the original State Economic and Trade Commission SME Department.  "SME Development Research Center" was approved to be "Jiangsu SME Development  Research Base", which is the first "Social Science Research Base" of Jiangsu Province.
The school is possessed of a professional,  well-structured, innovative teaching staff. The number of the faculty and the  staff has reached more than 100, of which 10 people are doctoral supervisors, 28  people are master supervisors, over 40 people are professors and associate  professors, 1 person is Jiangsu "333" Project trainee, 2 people are "Blue  Project" higher education new-century academic leader of Jiangsu Province and  young backbone teachers, 1 person is cross century research backbone of the  original Chinese Ministry of Machine Building, 1 person is the young college  teachers prizewinner in the 9th Huo Yingdong Foundation, 2 people are the  members of the Higher Vocational Teaching Instruction Commission of Education  Ministry. There are over 1600 full-time undergraduates on campus and over 1000  postgraduate students.
With  "erudition, truthfulness, virtuousness" as there mottoes, under the guidance of  "Four Orientations" educational ideas and "Three Represents" important thoughts,  all the staff and students of the School of Business Administration adhere to  emphasizing the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents meeting the needs  of times development of economic globalization. Stressing quality and features,  they establish outstanding brand with the high level, and cultivate the middle  and senior business-management talents with market competition facing the  construction of socialism market economy. They stick to the ideas of finding a  foothold in Jiangsu and Yangtze Delta Region, relying on  the government and profession and radiating the whole country. With discipline  construction as the leading role, they lay equal stress on teaching and  research, make a feature of keeping explorating and improving the complete  credit system, and strive to build a teaching and research oriented  school.