Industrial Engineering

  This department, created in 1995, stems from the Teaching and  Research Section of Equipment Engineering and Management. It now owns 17  teachers, of which 2 are doctoral supervisors, 4 are professors, 5 are associate  professors, 1 is advanced laboratory technician, and among which 15 have master  degrees or doctorates. There are several teachers who have been the visiting  scholars in UK , USA , etc. Respectively. The teaching  staff, with good teaching conduct and strong cohesion, has reasonable structure  of age and higher educational level.
  All the staff, developing the scientific research actively, now have  assumed over 20 research projects from Chinese National Natural Science  Foundation, Chinese National Social Science Foundation and other government  foundations as well as research projects entrusted by enterprises. The research  fund has reached over 1500,000.

Industrial  Engineering

Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the high-level interdisciplinary talents  mastering scientific theories and approaches of management, with the knowledge  grounding of advanced manufacturing technology and the knowledge, quality and  competence in terms of system engineering, industrial engineering and  management, who can be engaged in the analysis, design, evaluation, innovation  and control of the operation (production and service) system.

Training Features: By learning, the students should master the Mathematics, Economics,  the knowledge of information management and the methodology of industrial  engineering, and can be engaged in infrastructure planning and logistics system  design, the operation management of manufacturing and service industries,  quality control, logistics and supply chain management. etc.

Main courses: Mechanical design, Operations research, System engineering,  Engineering economics, management, Management information system, Industrial  engineering and ergonomics, Quality management and reliability, The production  plan and control, Facilities planning and logistics analysis, Supply chain  management, etc.

The employment situation and trends: Graduates widely employed in of all kinds of enterprises’ planning,  production and manufacturing, logistics, quality, industrial engineering, and  human resources department to do the control work. they also can be worked in  finance, consulting and government organs, scientific research institutions to  do teaching, scientific research and management and design development. The  one-time employment rate is more than 98%.

Logistics Management




Educational Objectives: This major cultivates the interdisciplinary creative management  talents with the basic knowledge of computer and network technology and the  knowledge of logistics management technology and its policy and regulation,  possessing modern management consciousness and strategic perspective , mastering  the scientific theories and methods of logistics management systematically,  familiar with the basic flow of logistics operation, who can find employment of  the application of logistics technology and equipment, the planning, design,  appraisal, operation management of logistics system, etc.

Training Features: By learning, the students should master the basic theories and  methods in terms of logistics, computer and network technology, system  engineering, management, etc, accept the strict training of modern logistics  method and technology, skills, possess the basic competence of combining the  theory with practice, analyzing and solving problems, and can find employment of  the planning, design of modern logistics system, logistics operation management  and decision, etc.

Main courses: Management principles, Operations research, System engineering,  economics, Logistics system theory, Modern logistics management, Transportation,  Modern logistic technology and equipment, Enterprise logistics management,  Logistics enterprise operation management, Supply chain  management

The employment situation and trends: Our school has many years’ training experience in logistics  management major for master graduates. Students are widely employed in all kinds  of logistic enterprises, logistic centers, distribution centers and supply chain  management department of manufacturing enterprise, logistics, manufacturing,  mining and other departments to do operation and controlling works. They are  also can be worked in consultation, IT and government agency, scientific  research institutions to do teaching, scientific researching and managing and  designing and development. The one-time employment rate is  95%.