Academic Leaders

Academic leaders of Management Science and Engineering  major  

MEI Qiang, born in March, 1961.  Director of the Commerce and Management  Institute, Jiangsu  University. B.S in  automotive design and manufacture from Jiangsu University Ph.D in vehicle  technical and economic analysis from Jiangsu University.

The major research field has been focused on innovation management  and development of SMEs. Current projects include production safety regulation  of SMEs based on life value, SMEs’ entrepreneurship in industry cluster,  labor-intensive SMEs’ development and evolution path in the process of new-type  industrialization, the annual report of scientific and technological development  of the service industry in Jiangsu, entrepreneurship counseling skills research,  SMEs’ entrepreneurship service and so on.

Publications include Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu. Life value evaluation with  CVM. Management World. 2008(06): 174-175, Qiang Mei, Guojian Ma. Study on the  status of the credit in the Yangzi river delta and the construction of an  integrated credit system in the delta. China Soft Science. 2007(06): 35-43,  Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu. Review on methods for evaluating the value of an statistical life. China Safety  Science Journal. 2007(03): 56-61, Qiang Mei, Yumei Lu, and Li Han.  Empirical analysis and solution on regional characteristics of occupational  injuries in small and middle-sized enterprises. China Safety  Science Journal. 2006(08): 37-42, Qiang Mei, Zhenyu Xie, Guanbing  Zhao. Research on business counseling and performance system. Forum on  Science and Technology in China, 2007(12): 47-51, Qiang Mei, Mo Qin. The cooperation mechanism of  enterprise and bank under re-guarantee system. Statistics and  Decision. 2008(08): 139-141, Qiang Mei, Wenyuan Li, Bangzhao Wang,  Yuting Gu. Region technological innovation initiative capacity appraisal and  coordinated development research of Jiangsu Province. Science and  Technology Management Research, 2007(12): 123-126 and so on.  

Honors/AWARDS include Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding  Achievement Prize for Colleges and Universities (The Second Prize) awarded by  Education Office of Jiangsu Province in 2008, Philosophy and Social Sciences  Outstanding Achievement Prize (The Third Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu  Province in 2007, Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Prizes  for Colleges and Universities (The Third Prizes) awarded by Education department  of China and Education Office of Jiangsu Province respectively in 2006, Science  and Technology Progress Prize (The Third Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu  Province in 2004, Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Prize  (The Second Prize) awarded by Government of Jiangsu Province in 2006 and so  on.

Academic leaders of Enterprise management



He Youshi, born in March, 1964. Doctor, professor and doctoral  supervisor. Excellent young teacher of the second phase of Jiang Su “youth  project”. Director of Jiang Su system engineering society and editor of Jiang Su  university college education research.

He has long been engaged in the teaching and research of Enterprise  Informationalization Engineering, Enterprise Information Resources Planning and  Systematic Data Analysis and Mining. He has published more than 50 research  papers in Economic and technological economic research number, Mathematical  statistics and management and other magazines. As a project manager and the main  participants, he has accomplished more than 10 research projects of Ministry of  science and technology, The national bureau of statistics, Department of Jiang  Su province, Jiangsu province philosophy social  science planning office, Jiangsu provincial department of education. He  won first prize for science and technology progress of Jiangsu Province and many other prizes.

Academic leaders of Technology economy and management


Lu Zhengnan, born in April, 1960. Doctor, professor and doctoral  supervisor. Vice-chairman of Jiang Su Quantity economic and Management science  association and director of Jiangsu statistical  society.

His main research fields include modern management theory and  methods, industry analysis and energy strategy. In recent years his 6 research  achievements have won the Outstanding Achievement Award at provincial and  municipal levels. He has also directed 11 Soft Science Fund Projects at and  above provincial levels, including “An Analysis of the Competitive Advantage and  the Structure Optimization of Jiangsu Province’s Industries.” Dr. Lu has  published 50-odd research papers and 6 monographs. He is currently the dean of  Jing Jiang School,  Jiangsu University and the  Vice-Chairman of the Association of Quantitative Economics and Management  Science of Jiangsu Province.

Academic leaders of Social medical and health service  management



Zhou Lulin, born in 1964. Doctor of management, professor, doctoral  supervisor, member of Chinese party. Director of teaching affairs office, director of Public management,  vice-president. Now serving as Party Secretary of School of Business  Administration of Jiangsu University, Dean of Institute of Medical Insurance  & Hospital Management, Member of National Instructive Committee of Public  Utilities Education ( China ), Standing Director of Chinese  Health Insurance & Health Management.

Professor Zhou has long been engaged in teaching and research work in  medical insurance and health economics. So far, he has published more than 50  academic papers in Chinese Health Economics Insurance Research and 8 monographs  such as Medical Insurance.

Among them, "the medical insurance” is listed as province key  construction and high-quality teaching material and national ministry of  education teaching material in the "eleventh five-year plan". The management of  the public services (health insurance) major was prized as Jiangsu university brand major, Jiangsu special major.  The medical insurance course was rated as excellent course in jiangsu  province.

Recent years, he hosted many research project such as The world bank  loan / The British government grants China rural health development project (new  farming and funding research component) , The Humanities social sciences project  of the ministry of education(health insurance cost control research), The key  projects of the circ ministry research (health management operation model  research based on the health insurance), Soft science research project in  Jiangsu province (urban resident basic medical insurance system development  research, new rural cooperative medical evaluation research), etc. He also  committed many projects from Human and social security department  (classification management of medical treatment of insurance diagnosis and  treatment project and its cost balance relations), Jiangsu human and social  security hall (comparative research of medical insurance major disease safeguard  level and payment), Jiangsu provincial health bureau, etc. These project won the  third prize of Jiangsu province philosophy  social science, the third prize of Jiangsu province soft science results, many  achievements of province university philosophy social science result and the  excellent teaching achievement prize.