Business Administration

  The Department of Business Administration stems from the Teaching  and Research Section of Management Engineering which was set up in 1983, and was  upgraded into the department in 1998. There is 1 doctoral program concerned and  2 master programs concerned. Its main research areas are as follows: the study  of SME, the study of management and ethics, the research on application of  complex system theory. Its key scientific research projects are as follows:  Study on the SME Credit Guarantee (Chinese National Social Science Foundation)  Reform and Development of Small Enterprise (UN Development  Program).
This department, created in2001, now owns 31 teaches, of which 3 are  doctoral supervisors, 5 are professors, 17 are associate professors, 10 have  doctorates, 18 have master degrees, 2 are provincial excellent talents, and  among which several teachers obtained doctorates or have been visiting scholars  in German, Japan, etc. Respectively.
This department has two undergraduate courses which are business  administration and human resource management. They have been recruited  undergraduate students since 1994 and 2001 and now there are more than 480  undergraduate students are studying there. The business administration is a  brand major in the province.

                Business Administration
  This major  belongs to the brand characteristic major of Jiangsu Province.
Educational Objectives: This major aims at cultivating the high-level management talents with  good knowledge structure of Management, higher management quality and stronger  innovation competence, familiar with policies and regulations of enterprise  management, who are fit for the management post in the enterprises, institutions  and department of administrative management., and suitable for management  research in the research academies and institutes.
Training Features: This major belongs to the first brand majors of Jiangsu University and the brand major of Jiangsu Province. This major conducts chiefly the  teaching and training in terms of the main functions of business enterprise  management such as site management, organization management, marketing  management, financial management, human resource management, international  enterprise management, etc as well as the application of computer and  information technology in order to demonstrate the professional characteristics  of our major and enable the students to find employment of management system  development, integrated management, planning management, quality management,  management training, engineering project analysis, etc.
Main courses: Management,economics,Operations research, Management information system, statistics,  Accountancy,Financial management, Production management, Quality management ,The  enterprise strategic management ,Project management, Economic law, Human  resources management, marketing management, etc.
The employment situation and trends:  The employment situation of this major is good. The employment rate  stays above 98% in the recent three years. Graduates can be in engaged in  comprehensive management works or work for the special management business (such  as production, marketing, science and technology, trade, talent, finance,  information, etc.) of all kinds of profits or nonprofit organizations, and they  also can work in college, scientific  research units to do scientific research or teaching, etc.


                Human  Resource Management
  Educational Objectives:
This major aims at cultivating the high-level management talents with  good knowledge structure, higher management quality, stronger enterprising,  innovative competence, and with solid knowledge and competence in terms of  management, economics, law and human resource management, etc., who can be  engaged in human resource management of enterprise and institution  independently.
Training Features:
This major lays emphasis on the integration of talents cultivating  with market demand, combination between teaching and practical competence, equal  stress on the knowledge innovation and skills operating. In accordance with the  "one main line"(cultivation of basic quality and professional application  competence), "two emphasis"(theoretical teaching system and practical teaching  system), "three structure"(knowledge structure, competence structure, quality  structure), this major sets up the course of "essential, adequate" basic  theories and knowledge, and highlights the course of basic knowledge and basic  skills. By learning, the students can master the professional knowledge and  vocational competence needed in the post of human resource management.  
Main courses: Management principles,Micro and macro economics,Management information 
system, Human resource management, statistics, Accountancy, Financial  management, marketing, Labor economics, Personnel hiring and quality  assessment,Salary management,Performance management ,Training and development  ,Organizational behavior ,Labor law, etc.
The employment situation and  trends: Graduates widely employed in all levels of governments’  comprehensive economic management departments, and all kinds of enterprises or  human resource departments and institutions of college and scientific research  institutions working for the human resource management and teaching, scientific  research work. The one-time employment rate is  90%.