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School Management Students Win Provincial Outstanding International Scholarship for 2019

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The Jiangsu Provincial Scholarship is a type of financial scholarship set up by the Provincial government of Jiangsu Province that aims to encourage the academic and social development of international students’ education in Jiangsu Province.

This year, 2019, the scholarship was announced to all international students within their second year of study upwards to apply. It included, undergraduate students and the postgraduate students (Master and PhD students). Over one hundred (100) international students applied for the scholarship which passed through rigorous screening before the list for the second stage was announced.

Thirty-seven (37) undergraduate students, thirty-three (33) Masters students and thirty-two (32) PhD students were short-listed for the second stage which was an interview session.

After all the students were interviewed, the final list of qualified students was published. Thirty-seven (37) out of the thirty-seven (37) undergraduate students qualified for the Provincial outstanding international scholarship. Twenty-six out of the thirty-three (33) Master students qualified for the scholarship and twenty-nine out of the thirty-two (32) PhD students also qualified.

Among the qualified students, eighteen (18) representing 16.56 % of the total qualified winners were from the Management School (Undergraduate – 3, Masters – 4, and PhD – 11).

The Dean and staff of the School of Management wishes to extend their profound congratulations to all the winners of the Provincial Outstanding International Scholarship of Jiangsu University in the School.

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