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  • Seminar of A.P. Thomas Le Texier from University of Rennes1, France
    Two-sided Markets and Screening StrategyWhat best strategies do you intend to employ in your business or firm?The 2017 post-graduate academic seminar was held in7thNovember, 2017 at the School of Management, Jiangsu University.The seminar was heavily attended by both Masters and PhD Students from the School of Management science and engineering. The enthusiasm and the high level of participatio...
  • Seminar of Professor Thierry Penard from University of Rennes1, France
    Social Network Site and Happiness: like me to make me HAPPIER “In your own opinion, would you say social network sites like (Facebook, WeChat, QQ, twitter) have positive impact on your Happiness?”According to a research conducted by Prof. Thierry PENARD, a professor of economics from the University of Rennes 1; France, western social media platforms, typically Facebook and Asia dominant (WeC...
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