Wellcome to the school of management in jiangsu university


The cradle of management thought of Chinese SMEs

JSU is located in Jiangsu province, eastern coastal area of China, which also has a tremendous SME cluster in China. School of Management made its mission to cultivate and spread Chinese style management thought and science. Striving unceasingly, it has achieved distinctive characteristics in the field of SME management. The school was awarded Research and Training Base of SMEs in China by SME department of former State Economic and Trade Commission, and it is in possession of the only one SME college of China. The SME development and research center was awarded Development and Research Base of SMEs in Jiangsu Province, becoming the first batch of Social Science Research Base in Jiangsu province.

The blending area of Chinese management thought and practice

Relying on the advantageous regional economic development, school of management emphasizes the combination of management thought, principle and practice. The school actively conducts strategic cooperation with enterprises and associations, cultivates management talents for both large enterprises and SMEs, and participates in consulting and solving of enterprise's actual management problems. The interaction and cooperation of industry-university-research is effective. It has cooperated with tens of large enterprises, which includes: Chunlan Group, Dongfeng Automobile Group, YTO Group Corporation, Gold East Paper (Jiangsu) co., Ltd., Dare Global Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Jianghuai Energy Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang branch of Bank of China, China Telecom Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sopu (group) Co., Ltd., Changchai Co., Ltd., Yancheng Tobacco Corporation, and so on.

Internationalized teaching and faculty

School of management adheres to the internationalized philosophy on school development and management, welcoming student exchange and scholars visit from universities all over the world. It has successively established friendly relations and realized exchange with over 10 universities from such countries or regions as the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan (China), etc. Every year, the school enrolls undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students from more than 20 countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, Africa, which creating a multilevel and multicultural learning atmosphere. The undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs all adopt full English teaching, the courses, professors and teams are multivariate combination. Professors have rich teaching experience and strong industrial background, most of them either get a foreign degreeor have foreign scientific research and visiting experience.

Cooperative scientific research within the scope of world

The school endeavors to create an open, inclusive, cooperative, and win-win scientific research system, which is committed to the research and innovation of international level management thought and science. The research teams in school have developed multi-form and poly-directional cooperation and research with colleges, universities and research institutions from South Korea, France, Japan, etc. Part of the cooperation and research directions include:

• SME management

• Enterprise environmental innovation management

• Medical Insurance and Health Management

• E-commerce and Internet economics

• Intelligence property and patent management

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