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Cai Li

Cai Li

Doctor,Professor, Doctor Supervisor

ADDRESS: School of Management,  Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China 212013




Jiangsu  University ID:1000002815

Research Field: Management Science and Innovation Management

Research Interests:

² Self-organized   Mass Entrepreneurial behavior & Innovation Management

² Strategic   Planning & Management

² Organizational   Evolution & Polices

Education/Training Background

² CEIBS Cases Training Round 5, China Europe   International Business School , 2015

² Post Doctorate[ Management Science and Engineering],   JiangSu University,2014

² Visiting Scholar, University of   Vicotira,BC.Canada,2013

² PH.D., Institute of Population Research, Peking   University, Population Economics (Academic Specialization),July 2010

Society Memberships

² Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Education Development   Center (Ministry of Education Degree Center) Communication Review Expert

² General Member of China's Population Association

² General Member of China Society of Natural   Resources(CSNR)

Teaching Courses

PH.D. Candidates Course (Full English Language)

² Strategic Planning and Management

Master/MBA   courses (Full English Language, conclude ever classes)

² Strategic   Management(MBA)

² Competitive   Strategy & Techniques(Master)

Undergraduate   courses (include Overseas Students)

² Strategic Management

Research Project/Grants   [Principal & Participated ,From   2009——]

  • ² Experiences in  innovation-driven evolution in southern Jiangsu and its implications for  high-level development in Zhenjiang, Zhenjiang Soft Science(project  leader)

  • ² The formation, evolution  and promotion strategy of self-organized crowd-created behavior, National  Social Science Foundation(project leader)

  • ² The bottleneck and  innovation of the intelligent development of intellectual capital in small and  medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu in the post-industrial era, Jiangsu  Provincial Social Science Foundation Project(project  leader)

  • ² Research on Quality of  Course Teaching for International Graduate Students of Management Disciplines,  China Academic Degree and Postgraduate Education Society(project  leader)

  • ² 2014 Jiangsu Provincial Full English Excellent  Course in Colleges and Universities, Jiangsu Province, 2014(project leader)

  • ² Research on the integration and development  of quality of life of the population index associated with City ecosystem  services 2014478, The 2014 national statistical research project, (project leader)

  • ² Jiangsu`s Small and Medium Enterprises Intelligent  development of intellectual capital and innovation research in Post-industrial era.2014(project leader)

  • ² Research on the Association between The Ecological  services and Population Jiangsu city life quality -- Based on the structural holes  theory, Jiangsu Province Education Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences  in universities, General Project2014SJB801, 2014 (project leader)

  • ² Studies on the relationship between population  development and the local ecological services value in Victoria, BC, Canada,  Funded by Canada-China Scholars` Exchange Project (CCSEP), 2013.Principal. (project leader)

  • ² Study on the relationship between  Enterprises` Intelligence Capital and Aging, funded by Federation of Social  Sciences of Jiangsu Province (2011).Principal.

  • ² Research on population bearing capacity of New  Eastern’s fisheries resources based on nutrition-perspective. 1281160020,  funded by Senior Professionals Scientific Research Foundation of Jiangsu  University, 2011. (Project  leader).

  • ² Study on Intellectual Capital Development  and Utilization from Small- Medium Enterprises based on aging  perspective1143002017, funded by Post-Doctoral Research Funds of Jiangsu  University, 2011. (Project  leader).  

  • ² Research on the coordinated Development  of Population and Resource in Zhenjiang Region, funded by Zhenjiang Social  Science Federation (2011), (project  leader).

  • ² New Rural Construction through the College`s the Service Based on the  Training`s Perspective, funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of  China(2010).[involved, ranked 5/8]

  • ² Study on the Implementation Mechanism about  How to Improve the Employment Performance by the Entrepreneurship In China`s  Transition Period, funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education (2010), mainly  responsible for analyzing the relationship between Employment and Migration,  ranked 3/7.




Instructing Projects of Innovation and   Entrepreneurship for Undergraduates and graduates :

  • ² Thinking  about the Development of China's Intellectual Property Service Industry

  • ² Research  on the Management of Student Health Records from the Perspective of Block-chain  Technology

  • ² Research  on the Construction of 3 Chinese and Foreign University Students' Integration  and Entrepreneurial Team

  • ² Investigation  and Analysis of Status Quo of Stay-Night and Sub-health of 4 College Students

  • ² 5Interactive  effect between Self-Organized Innovation and Industrial cluster [Graduate  Innovation Project]

  • ² College  Students' Online Consumption Behavior Patterns and Countermeasures

  • ² Research  on the Optimization of University Students' Science and Technology  Entrepreneurial Ecology Environment Based on WSR--A Case Study of Zhenjiang  Region

  • ² Research  on Organizational Changes of Automotive Service Industry Based on Evolutionary  Theory

  • ² Self-organizing  entrepreneurial behavior based on "Internet +"

  • ² Research  on The Basic Models of Maker space

  • ² Study  on the Use of Public Resources of College Students in 11 Universities: A Case  Study of Jiangsu University Students

  • ² Study  on the Relationship between the Value Orientation of College Students after  "90" generation and the Target of Talent Training

  • ² Research  on the Proposals of Consolidating Human Capital and Promoting Employment of  Contemporary University Students: A Case Study of Zhenjiang and Nanjing  University Graduates

  • ² Study  on the status quo of old-age insurance for peasants and workers in the process  of urbanization


Honors and Awards

  • ² "Two wings with three integration" business  management professional talent training mode reform and practice of teaching  achievement prizes at the 2017 Jiangsu province won the first prize in higher  education (High Education), 6/10.

  • ² The 3rd Prize of the  outstanding achievements on the 9th Philosophy and Social Sciences  Award, the Universities of Jiangsu Province, 2014 (as the Head)

  • ² The 3rd Prize of the outstanding  achievements  in Zhen Jiang`s  Outstanding Scientific Papers (Monographs) (as  the Head)

  • ² 4th China demographers frontier Forum "Future  Demographer" Award, in 2008




Research Achievement

Papers &Books Published From 2010-Present (Papers   with 1st & 2nd ranked):

  • ² Effect of Symbiotic  Relationship on Self-organized Startup Entrepreneurship, an Innovative Synergy  [J]

  • ² Linking Emotional  intelligence to knowledge Sharing Behavior: Mediating Role of job Satisfaction  and Organizational Commitment [J]

  • ² Impact of Successor’s  Personality Traits on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Family Business  Succession [J]


  • ² An empirical study on the influencing entrepreneurial intention factors  of international students based on the Theory of Planned Behavior [J]

  • ² High performance work  system and employee performance: Testing Mediation model through PLS-SEM [J]

  • ² Developing Brand Image of Small and Medium Enterprises: Case Study of the  Importance of After Sales Service [J]

  • ² The impact of emotional intelligence on employee performance and employee  engagement: Mediating role of job satisfaction [J]

  • ² Impact of individual and collective entrepreneurship on innovation: an  empirical investigation in SMEs [J]

  • ² Entrepreneurial Orientation and Innovative Performance within Firm: The  Moderating Effect of Market Orientation in manufacturing SMEs [J]

  • ² Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Motivation Traits Among Final Year Bachelor  of Commerce and Bachelor of Management Studies Students [J]


  • ² Study on the  Development Potential of Wellness Tourism Industry in China [J]

  • ² Impact of Successors  Personality Traits on Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Family Business  Succession(SME) Family Business Succession [J]

  • ² A Study of Premium  Price Brands with Special Reference to Willingness of Customer to Pay [J]

  • ² Comparative analytical  study of teachers' personality type (A and B) to study consequences of  ostracism [J]

  • ² A comparative analysis  of International Management Student Teaching Quality in a rapidly developing  Chinese context - A case of Jiangsu University (JSU) versus Xi`an Jiao Tong -  Liverpool University (XJTLU) [J]


  • ² Is moderator opportunity  a trigger factor for the contribution of start-up business to the mechanism of  self organized entrepreneur behaviour? [J]

  • ² Study on the  Association between Urban Residents' Quality of Life and Urban Ecological  Services in Jiangsu Province [J]

  • ² Research on the  teaching quality structure of Sino foreign joint university and its  inspiration[J]

  • ² Intellectual Capital  Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprises from the Angle of Force Contribution  to Regional Innovation Research in Jiangsu Province of China[J]

  • ² Research on the  correlation between urban Ecosystem services and the populations quality of  life-based on the structural hole theory [J]

  • ² Basic Management  theories of SMEs and related cases of China, Science Press,2016

  • ² Personality traits and  their effects on social entrepreneurship intention[J]

  • ² The  Decision-making Path of the Intellectual Capital’s Employment under the Impact  of Family Network Will:An Empirical Study [J]

  • ² Research  on the relationship between Innovation Value of Intellectual Capital and  Regional Innovation Climate  ——With SMEs in growing in Jiangsu Province as an example[J]

  • ² Growth  Term Creative Relationship with Small and Micro-enterprises ' Intellectual Capital  and SMEs `Development Section Research——With Creative SMEs in  Jiangsu Province as an example[J]

  • ² Empirical  Study on the status quo of SMEs ' migrant workers` Pension insurance in the  process of China's urbanization[J]

  • ² A  Study on the Carrying Capability of Marine Fisheries Resources in the New East  Area of China, China Social Science Press, 2012.

  • ² An  empirical Research of the population capacity based on the ecological carrying  capacity of Port Arthur region[J]. International Conference on Social Science and  Environmental protection,JiuJiang.2012

  • ² The  competitiveness decomposition on the high-tech industry of Chinese three major  Economic Belts[J]

  • ² An Empirical Study of Population Carrying Capacity  about Chinese “the new eastern part”[J]



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