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Li Wenyuan

Li  Wenyuan

Associate Professor,  MA supervisor

ADDRESS :  School of  Management , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE :  (86) 511-88780186(O),  (86)013952886293

FAX :  (86) 511-88780186  

E-mail :  liwenyuan8@ujs.edu.cn  

Websites :  

Research  Interest

Dr. Li's major  research field and interests are focus on marketing and innovation management.  At the same time ,Dr. Chen instructs the graduate students and do some other  research .

Education  Background

06/1998 JiangSu university of  science and technology ,class of marketing

06/2008 PHD, JiangSu University  

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate courses  taught

1. Marketing 2.  Product management

Graduate courses  taught

1. System Dynamics 2.  Modern marketing strategy

Research  Achievement


1) Li  Wenyuan  , Mei Qiang  , Wang  Bangzhao.Study on  Mechanism of Technological Innovation Aggregation in Region[J].  The  Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics .2003(4):84-87.

2) Li  Wenyuan  , Xiang Yali  , Gu Guifang. Research  on the Functions of Innovation Intermediaries in the Process of Open Innovation  - - Taking InnoCentive for Example [J].Science of  science and Management of S&T,2012(4):54-59.  

Represent  Projects

The Synergy  Mechanism of Technology Services Industry Demand and Supply Under Open  Innovation(Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences  project:11YJC630105)

Honors and  Awards


Society  Memberships

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