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Song Xinping



Song  Xinping

Associate Professor,   Master supervisor

ADDRESS :  School of  Management , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE : (86)  511-88790576 (O)

FAX :  

E-mail : phd_sxp@163.com  

Websites :  

Research  Interest

Dr. Song's major  research field and interests are focus on strategic management and knowledge  management , management information and system management, Electronic commerce  and network marketing.

Education  Background

03/2012 Postdoctoral  in management science and engineering, Nanjing university

06/2008 PHD in management science and engineering,  Donghua  University  

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate courses  taught

1. Principle of  E-commerce 2. E-commerce security and e-payments

Graduate courses  taught

1. MIS  

Research  Achievement

Papers (She published  more than 30 papers, the representative papers are as follows)

1) Yongsheng Ding, Xinping Song,  Yueming Zeng, Forecasting financial condition of Chinese listed companies based  on support vector machine, Expert Systems With Application, 2008. 34(4) :  3081-3089 (SCI & EI : 080611082152)

2) Xinping Song, Yongsheng Ding,  Feature selection for SVM in financial distress prediction: a case study in China , Expert Systems:  The Journal of knowledge Engineering, 2010,27(4):299-310 (SCI & EI:  20103813241578)

3)Xinping Song, Yongsheng Ding,  Yan Ge, Forecasting financial distress of Chinese high-tech manufacturing  companies based on a hybrid Model of GA-SVM, Journal of DongHua university (English  version) , 2008,25 (5):543-549 (EI: 091211966976)

Represent  Projects

1) Construction of SME  Competitive intelligence system (the National Philosophy and Social Science  Foundation of China , 10CTQ18 )  

Honors and  Awards

1) Feature selection for SVM in  financial distress prediction: a case study in China,  first prize of  Excellent paper awards from "Jiangsu Society Science Application Excellent  Project ", 2012.

Society  Memberships

The   members of China Association for Information  Systems  


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