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Li Shouwei

Li  Shouwei

Associate  Professor, Master Supervisor

ADDRESS  : School  of Management ,  Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE  : (86)  511-88780186(O)

FAX  : (86)  511-88780186

E-mail  : lsw@ujs.edu.cn  

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Research  Interest

Innovation Management and  Technological Innovation

Service Science, Technological  Innovation and Industry Development

Complex network and Social  Network

Management Information System  

Education  Background

Postdoctoral Fellowship in  Management Science and Engineering, Fudan University , Shanghai , P. R. China, 2011  

Senior Visiting Scholar in  Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), Grenoble , France , 2010

PhD in Management Science and  Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), Shanghai,  P. R. China, 2006

MS in Electric Machinery,  Shandong University , Jinan , P. R. China, 2003  

College Degree in Mathematics,  University of  Liaocheng , Liaocheng, P.  R. China, 1994

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate  courses taught

Management  Information System

Graduate  courses taught

Game  theory

Research  Papers

Shouwei LI and  Chunlin Si. Research on the Spreading of Market Rumor in Financial Network[J].  Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 2010,10(2): 316-326  

Shou-wei Li. Analysis  of Contrasting Neural Network with Small-world Network. International Conference  on Future Information Technology and Management Engineering, 2008, November, 3,  Leicestershire , UK

LI Shouwei, CHEN  Yongtai. New Algorithm for Degree of Network Relation Coupling in Complex  Networks, 2009 IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent  Services, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2009, 11,10-12  (ISTP)

Represent  Projects

1) the National Social  Foundation under Grant No. 11BJL074,

2) the Humanity and Social  Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China under  Grant No. 10YJAZH042

3) the Philosophy and  Social Foundation of Jiangsu Province's College and University under Grant No.  2010SJB630010

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