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Wen Xuezhou



Wen  Xuezhou

Associate professor,  Master supervisor

ADDRESS :  Management  School , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE :  (86) 511-88780186(O),  (86)013861399140

FAX :  (86) 511-88780186  

E-mail :  wxzh@ujs.edu.cn  

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Research  Interest

Dr. Wen's major  research field and interests are focus on the financing of small and  medium-sized enterprises, enterprise credit management, theory and method of  finance risk management and prevent and control of finance crisis. At the same  time ,Dr. Wen instructs the graduate students and do some other research .  

Education  Background

07/1997 College degree  in  international finance, Harbin Institute of Technology of Heilongjiang Province

06/2004 Master's  degree in finance, business and management college, Jiangsu University

12/2009 PhD in  management, management college, Jiangsu University  

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate courses  taught

1. Management   2.  International finance  

3.Production and  operation management

Research  Achievement


1)Wen  Xuezhou,  Mei Qiang,  Wu  Liping.Investigation and Thinking on Credit Guarantee Organizations for small  and medium-sized enterprises[J]. Management Modernization .2009(8): 62-64.  

2) Wen  Xuezhou,  Mei  Qiang.International Comparasion and Lessons on Three Kinds of Credit Guarantee  Organizations in Japan, America, and Italy[J]. Economic Question Exploration.  2011(7):173-179.

3) Wen  Xuezhou,  Mei Qiang.  Construction of Credit Re-guarantee System for Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises and Basic Frame Design[J]. Enterprise Economic. 2008(5):169-171.  

Represent  Projects

1) Research on  selection of main model of credit guarantee organizations for small and  medium-sized enterprises and consummating guarantee system in China(Ministry of  education humanitiy and social science Program  : 10YJC790274)  

2) Study on  comparasion of credit guarantee models and countermeasures based on small and  medium-sized enterprises finance (Jiangsu University senior talent  Program  : 10JDG104)  

Honors and  Awards

1) Social credit  management system: theory, model, system and mechanism, three class prize of  social science excellent achievement from Zhengjiang People's Government, 2007.  

Society Memberships  

Appraisal expert about  finance guarantee of Jiangsu Ecomomic and Informatization Committee  


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