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Ma Hanwu



Ma  Hanwu


ADDRESS :  School of  Management , Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang , China 212013  

PHONE :  (86) 511-88780202(O),  

FAX :  (86) 511-88780186  

E-mail :  mahanwu@126.com  

Websites :  

Research  Interest

Dr. Ma's major  research field and interests are focus on industrial engineering and operations  management, logistics technology and supply chain management, Service  science, management and engineering (SSME), at the  same time ,Dr. Ma instructs the graduate students and do some other research .  

Education  Background

06/1985 Jiangsu institute of  technology ,major manufacture

06/2000 Jiangsu University of science and technology,  Master, Management science and engineering

06/2012 Southeast University , PHD, System engineering  

Teaching  Courses

Undergraduate courses  taught

1. Industrial  engineering  2. Production plan and  control  3. TOC

Graduate courses  taught

1. Operations  management    

Research  Achievement


1) Ma Hanwu. Research  on multi-agent container terminal logistics operation scheduling system based on  TOC[C].In: 2010 The 2nd International Conference on Computer and Automation  Engineering, ICCAE 2010, v 3, p 213-216, 2010. [EI]

2) Ma Hanwu. Cellular  manufacturing layout on adding/removing machines[J].Journal of Southeast  University (English Edition), v 26, n 3, p 484-488, September 2010. [EI]  

3) Ma Hanwu. Research  on the Algorithm for 3L  -CVRP with Considering the Utilization Rate of vehicles [C]. In: Ran Chen (Ed.).  Communications in Computer and Information Science. 2011, 134, Part 1: 621-629.  International Conference of Intelligent Computing and Information Science.  Chongqing , China , 2011  



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